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Wear & Tear

Recently, while I was trying on clothes in a hip & modern clothing establishment, I overheard the sales lady saying that life is full of change. Change!? I was a little shaken. Nope nope nope. I took one look at the hip & modern faux-fur jacket I was holding and threw it to the ground in an anxious fervor.

I rushed back to my dorm room, threw open the closet door, and hugged my old, soft, snuggly pals. You know, the clothes that have been there through thick and thin. The ones that (whether I wanted them to or not) have always been waiting in the bottom drawer, the back of the closet, wadded up behind the washing machine… just waiting for me to reluctantly, inevitably wear them again.

With them, its intimate. Its personal. What can I say, me and these clothes, we’re close… you might even say, we’re close-knit. Here are a few of these longtime pals, profiled:

Wear & Tear by Georgia Oldham

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