What’s important to you right now?

We’re living through a historic moment—from the pandemic, to Black Lives Matter, to the upcoming election. Since we’re a magazine of record, we asked the Tufts community to send us anonymous responses to the question, “What’s important to you right now?”

my memories, maintaining them, remembering

The aftermath of election day is the only thing on my mind. It’s exhausting feeling as though nothing you do will ever change the balance of power. I hate that the line between politics, entertainment, and trendiness have been blurred so much that nothing seems real anymore. Nobody has political efficacy, and it seems as though that will never change.

Though the world around me is in limbo, I hold tightly onto the things I know I can trust. I can trust that though there will be bad days, there will also be good ones to look forward to. I can trust that every day, the sun will rise and also set. I can trust that there will always be pen and paper at hand to convey the things that are too difficult to say. I trust that even though I cannot control what happens, I can control my reaction.

everything, all at the same time. my head is full. the safety and rights of my friends and my family and mostly people i don’t know at all. blexas (blue texas). getting joe biden into office and then slamming him with leftist policy plans. and also, the girl i just started dating, and the way she looks in the dark next to me.

Staying sane. I’m so uncertain about my future plans at the moment, partly due to changing circumstances as a result of COVID. Honestly, I’m just unsure about the future in general. Will we ever get back to a semblance of normalcy? Seriously, will we ever get to a point where we can safely sit inside a crowded restaurant eating a meal at a table of more than 10 people? Will I ever even get to go to another concert and stand in a crowd of people standing shoulder to shoulder? Here’s to hoping that I’ll at least be able to go to one more dingy frat basement party before I graduate. <3

calling my gma <3

My free time and my friends. It definitely feels as though the professors are increasing the amount of busy work we’re having to do because most things are virtual now. So, I typically don’t have a lot of time for friends or free time, so when I do get it, it’s really something worth cherishing, especially because friend groups have become more insular on and off campus.

A peaceful and respectful election

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