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Make cotton feel like silk  

and drugs come on stronger 

Blur tequila-fueled fantasies of men in patterns 

into citrus curls and tobacco lipstick

I touch a version of myself stuttering 

Graze the faults of your hips 

with my bitten fingernails 

Vicariously shiver 

as if from sour candy 

or biting seltzer 

Your memory is blood-thinning 

making anemia intimate 

I am pushed against the sharpest wall 

before the flush of you fades into male palms 

and grayscale

Flat water warms with time 

I warm to men and 

recognize bodies unlike mine 

coarse and alien 

Forget your folds and creases 

Romanticize cotton 

infused with silk 

perhaps my own 

perhaps impure 

Folded into unwrinkled squares 




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