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Month: December 2009


Which Community Should We Serve?

Why are we concerned with students living thousands of miles away? The debate is thus: with so many problems and such limited resources, should we help people in our own country, whose language and customs we can understand and whose needs are familiar to us, or should we help people in other countries whose basic needs may be more severely unattended? Who do we spend our valuable time and talent on? Who should we help?

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All My Friends

Many adults discount social networking websites as a meaningless distraction that enfeebles our young minds. This is a predictable and cautionary response, but it neglects to explain why 300 million users worldwide find the need to log onto Facebook. Like it or not, this is a phenomenon that is here to stay in some form or another, and there may be more to the increasing digitization of our social lives than meets the eye.

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Warning: Post-Modern When Stoned

Post-Modernism (PoMo) is an uber-serious, intellectual, meta-condition affecting approximately 25% of intellectuals, which is to say, one half of one millionth of the human population. Cannabis sativa has been shown to cause serious analytical liquidity, discursive fragmentation, and freedom from intellectual ruts/patterns—when used in combination with a Liberal Arts education.

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Tuned In

This is the end. This is the last Observer of the semester and my last “Tuned In” column for a year. I’m sorry I won’t be there for you next semester when you are jonesing for the tunes. I’m sorry for not warning you that Saturdays at 5:35 p.m. is a terrible time to tune in. I’m sorry—if only I had more to give; if only there were room for not one but one million reviews in this column. Actually if the reviews were short enough, sharp enough, and in a small enough font maybe, just maybe, I could fit five reviews into this final column.

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