March, 2010 | Tufts Observer

Month: March 2010


Evaluating Tufts

At the end of every semester, just about every student at Tufts is asked to complete a course evaluation for their classes. But, after they’re collected neatly into a big manila envelope, where do they go? What purpose do they serve? As many students may have noticed, we can’t even seem to find them, let alone use them to inform our academic decisions.


Female Soldiers Have a Plan B

All of us probably know someone who has taken Plan B (levonorgestrel), better known as the morning-after pill. Available in hospitals, pharmacies, and college health services across the country, Plan B is instrumental in protecting women from becoming pregnant after a forgetful night, a condom mishap, or even a sexual assault, It is such a common medical treatment in our culture(especially on college campuses) that it comes as a shock to many that the morning-after pill was not available to female soldiers on military bases until just a month ago.


Barbie Goes Chic to Geek

Without question, Barbie is a cultural icon. Her perfectly pointed feet and impossibly shiny hair have been barometers for girls to measure themselves against since 1959. She comes complete with a dream-house, a pink convertible, and a teeny-weeny bikini for her vacations in the tropics. Now, trying to usher their doll out of the standards of the previous generation, Mattel Toystore is trying to appeal to the Gen-X, millennial set of consumers with Barbie’s newest career: computer science engineer.

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