December, 2010 | Tufts Observer

Month: December 2010


Relief, Finally.

Hurricane Katrina hit August 29, 2005, devastating the lives of thousands in its path. In the months following the storm, the area saw an influx of committed volunteers and a considerable amount of support. Only three years later, however, the country has almost forgotten.


Freeform Radio

There’s just something great about radio. You’re in the car and you hear that song you loved listening to in high school, stoned in your best friend’s basement. You’re cooking dinner and you hear a story that is so bizarre, you stop and listen and let the pasta water boil over and scald your hands. The jokes are funny or corny. Static fades in and out. The music is loud and drives your parents insane. Whatever it is you love about radio, it’s always there. Live, broadcasting. On air.

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