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Month: September 2011


Will Monaco Fit the Mold?

The first thing that could be said about Tony Monaco is that nobody could have expected him. This is not a comment on Tony Monaco the person, who seems singularly brilliant and accomplished from any angle. Rather, the selection of a white male scientist from the UK just doesn’t seem to fit in the narrative about what we feel Tufts represents.
The narrative that first comes to mind is a vital and persistent one about institutionalized racism and sexism and the preponderance of such attitudes among certain segments of the student body. The Primary Source’s Christmas carol debacle and their resultant obstinacy; the famed bias incident of 2009; the repugnant flares of sexism during Lauren Levine’s presidential campaign; the needless ugliness surrounding the debate over minority representation on the TCU Senate this past year; the long overdue reworking of a sexual assault policy, arguably at odds with Massachusetts state law-these are the public examples that epitomize the countless instances of racism, sexism, and sexual assault that occur all around us. So, for those of us who have felt that the last five years at Tufts have been tainted by these issues, the presidential search was cast as a chance at institutional reparation.


Ternin’ Around

Mike spent his vacation leading kayak trips in Minnesota. Taylor and Josh traveled to France with Tufts in Talloires. How did I spend my summer vacation? Sitting in a sticky Staples office chair, staring at a computer screen full of endless data about the music industry. Every Tuesday and Thursday,  I rode my bike to Davis Square to work a 10-5 shift at The Echo Nest, a self-proclaimed “music intelligence company that powers smarter music applications.” As a rising junior, I had decided that my summers spent as a lifeguard should become a thing of the past.



This September, President Anthony Monaco finally became a part of our campus—our weird but awesome blend of some of the most academically unique and diverse university students in the country. This is our new leader, the man who will be the emblem of everything that Tufts’ amalgamation of student voices seems to say when blended together. So far, all contact between President Monaco and the student body had been through e-mail, newsletters from the presidential search committee and fairly frequent Twitter updates, so we were all excited to finally meet the man we’d been hearing about for so long in person.

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