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All The Rage in Grade Four

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably seen the totally AWESOME rubberband bracelets Jumbos all over campus have been sporting on their wrists. They may look like twisted, colored bands, but in reality, they are so much more. They’re Silly Bandz, and they’re taking over! These super cool animal rubber bands are all the rage with children aged 8-13, and now they’re hitting it big on campus! SWEET! The rubberbands come in lots of crazy shapes and colors–you can get them in letters, animals, sea creatures, and bugs, and they come in a whole rainbow of kooky colors, including GLOW IN THE DARK.

Schoolyard Stylin'

The Observer suggests you start collecting these silly and stylish rubberbands in as many shapes and colors as you can. Trade with your friends, watch them glow in the basement of AePi, use them to hold all those Arabic flashcards you made together! THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!

Tufts freshman and rubberband fiend David Schwartz raves, “I once received a letter from a friend, and she included one of these rubberbands. At first I was confused about its purpose, but once I let it go, I saw that it was a kangaroo. It instantly made the letter 20 times cooler.” Other fans say that the bands are “sick, as in cool, not physically ill.” According to a small and completely biased poll, the hottest and most coveted band is the glow-in-the-dark lobster, which many agree “totally looks like a dick!”

"oooh, it glows!"

Keeping up with the elementary and middle school megahits of today may be tiring, but we’re sure everyone remembers the crazes that swept their own schoolyards back in the day. We’d like to give a shout out to Pogs, Crazy Bones, bottle-cap bracelets, Tamagachi pets, the Pringles pass, Dunkaroos and Zebra Stripe Gum. What rocked your socks off in your pre-teen years?

Keep it old school ya’ll!


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