Discussing the American Dream: A Panel Podcast

When the Tufts Observer published the American Dream-themed issue, we as a publication acknowledged the nuances of the theme as a topic for discussion. We knew we could not and should not end the conversation with the magazine, and in recognition of our community’s diverse lived experiences, we wanted to explore the complexities that did not translate to print.

Thus, we invited students from different campus advocacy groups to participate in the Observer’s first panel discussion. These students discussed what the American Dream means today, whether it’s actually achievable, and what it will mean in the future. The panel didn’t provide any concrete answers—but that wasn’t the goal.

We organized and hosted this event because our staff wants to be an involved and interactive presence on campus. We want to create spaces to discuss themes relevant to the Tufts community in an inclusive and multifaceted manner. The Observer has been developing alternative outlets for conversation over the course of this year—publishing podcasts and videos that engage with the Tufts community—and this event served as a continuation of that.

Listen to our panelists’ insightful discussion below:

Header image by Tufts Observer publicity staff.

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