Anti-Climactic: Why are we all faking orgasms?

For the ‘Pleasure’ issue, we explored the intersection between the physical and emotional elements of pleasure through orgasms. We wanted to highlight a phenomenon that we all know occurs but is often left out of the conversation about pleasure and sex: faking orgasms. Depending on your personal sexual background, the idea of having an orgasm

Shaking the Foundations

How often do you hear Tufts students say the word “nonprofit?” As in: “Yeah I got fellowship through Tisch College at a nonprofit this summer,” or “did you see that nonprofit listing on the Women’s Center e-list?” Even more frequent was the post-election dialogue around donating to nonprofits, including the NAACP and Planned Parenthood. Nonprofit

An Open Letter to the Tufts University Dance Program

[content warning: racism, transphobia, cultural appropriation, victim-blaming]   To the Tufts University Dance Program,   We write to you as current students of color who wish to share our experiences of racism in the Tufts Dance Program.   Dance is an embodied, physical practice that is often deeply personal and vulnerable. It requires your full