Tufts in the 21st

New educational demands prompt establishment of Colonialism minor and proposed Film and Media major. In an effort to keep up with the contemporary global context, new and innovative degree programs at Tufts are debuting this fall in response to student demand. Including a new Colonialism Studies minor and proposed Film and Media major, these concentrations

Made in Exploitation: American Apparel and Islamophobic “Feminism”

The first thing you notice is her breasts. Shockingly bare, bits of nipple strategically peek through the words “Made in Bangladesh,” branding her chest like a product. She’s wearing the High Waist Jean, if you hadn’t noticed, though she seems to be in the process of taking it off. This is American Apparel’s latest controversy-soaked

Credit: Mia Greenwald

The Continuing Story of the Boy Who Lived

A few weeks ago, J.K. Rowling shocked fans of the Harry Potter series by questioning her plot decisions in an interview with Harry Potter actress Emma Watson for Wonderland Magazine. During the interview, the author admitted that she regretted romantically pairing characters Ron and Hermione, saying that Hermione should have married Harry instead of Ron.

A Forgotten Epidemic: Reframing HIV/AIDS as a Problem of the Present

When I first heard the letters A-I-D-S strung together, I was watching the film version of Rent, the acronym registering as an ominous unknown in my mind. I was eleven at the time, sitting on a hopscotch rug in a dusty attic, wedged between a bouncy ball and my best friend. I didn’t want to

Class Act: Breaking Society’s Silence About Wealth

In the past few decades, society has seen an incredible dismantling of many taboos. In a few months, Tufts students will scream “Vagina!” and its many synonyms on stage in a performance of The Vagina Monologues. The normalcy of such an event illuminates the extent to which we as a society are increasingly embracing the