Electronic Elitistism: Google’s Imperfect Democracy

When the Internet became accessible to the public with the advent of Personal Computers (PCs), it existed in a state of anarchy. Though there were millions of live sites, they were disorganized and unsearchable without specific domain names or a background in programming. Critics dismissed the World Wide Web as an unusable outlet of the


Ribelle: Four-Star Fever Dream

The Boston Globe’s notoriously picky restaurant reviewer, Devra First, recently bestowed her first “Extraordinary” four-star review in over two years to the chefs at Ribelle in Brookline. Serving Italian cuisine—in the loosest sense of the term—chef/owner Tim Maslow has a quilt of experiences that inform his cooking. At only 29 years old, Maslow has run the

The Al Gore Climate Curse

There are many titles oft bestowed upon Al Gore: filmmaker, climate activist, Nobel Peace Laureate, Vice President, presidential nominee—all true and well-deserved. Mr. Gore has dedicated much of his political career and beyond to solving climate change and its numerous geographical, political, economic, and humanitarian consequences. As the first international figure to loudly and profoundly