You, Me & ACB

College ACB, or ‘ACB,’ was born out of the ashes of its predecessor, Juicy Campus. Everybody knows Juicy Campus was better. For one, its interface was more attractive; its pink and blue graphics evoked images of the sort of sex-segregated bathrooms on whose walls gossip used to be scrawled before the Internet allowed the young

Game On

The other day, a friend walked into my room to find me playing my Xbox 360, to which she asked, “What is this? World of Warcraft?” I was annoyed, not because I was playing a totally different genre of game than World of Warcraft, or because you can’t even play that particular game on Xbox.

Never Quit Running!

Jumbos, lend me your pants—or just stash them in the bushes next to West. On Monday, March 14, 2011, the Tufts Daily reported that Tufts University President Larry Bacow had made the decision to discontinue the school’s sanctioning of NQR (what the administration calls Nighttime Quad Reception, but what everyone who’s anyone calls Naked Quad

Soviet Swan Thieves are Infinite and the Apocalypse Arrives in a Bubble: Professor Alexander Vilenkin talks physics, parallel universes and Soviet Russia

Alexander Vilenkin has a disconcerting tendency to smile when he talks about the end of our universe. I’m careful to say our universe because according to Vilenkin, the Director of Tufts’ Institute of Cosmology, what most people think of as the universe is really only a drop in the ocean, or more precisely, a quantum