Loose Lips Sink Ships: Will leaked videos undermine Romney’s presidential bid?

Like him or not, Mitt Romney is no slacker. In fact, he is by far one of the most meticulous men in politics. His painstaking preparation for every speech, interview, and debate has been well-documented since he first came on the political scene by challenging the late Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy for his seat in

Rock & Roll Freedom of Speech? Russian girlband Pussy Riot takes on the Kremlin

It’s garnered support from Madonna, Genesis, Green Day, Yoko Ono, and Amnesty International for their most recent performance in Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow.  Pussy Riot—the all-female group that is half punk band, half political activist platform—has been making headlines far beyond their home in Russia. And despite their current two-year sentence to


[MAN enters, stage left. Nude; jaw square; back straight; shoulders broad, with powerful arms stretching in each direction, encompassing everything. He emerges triumphant, fingers extended, fanned out from open and massive palms. He is beautiful, dark, Perfection Itself, as his massive feet are planted front and center stage. No terrestrial light necessary here: his halo

The Newsroom and the Myth of American Nostalgia

This summer, a three minute YouTube clip labeled “The most honest three and a half minutes of television, EVER…” popped up on my newsfeed. Normally, something with such a dumb title wouldn’t warrant a second look, but I saw Jeff Daniels’ face in the preview image and realized it was a segment from Aaron Sorkin’s

Conventions Condensed: Highlights from the DNC and RNC

Nominating conventions used to be just that—a forum for political parties to choose their presidential nominees. While delegates do still cast votes these days, the nominee’s identity is usually a foregone conclusion, making the convention less of an election and more of a coronation. The televised three-day events are filled with stirring speeches, the parties’

The Death of Centrism

Our government has reached complete political gridlock thanks to unprecedented congressional partisanship. In the summer of 2011, Congress failed to raise the debt limit—nearly forcing the US to default on its debt payments—until the last moment, only four days before the deadline, because of the inability of Congress to reach compromise. During the Republican presidential