Sweet Dreams: Gracie’s Brings Homemade Ice Cream Back To Somerville

Aaron Cohen never planned to own an ice cream shop. Less than a year ago, in April 2014, he didn’t. Ben Sherman’s eponymous Union Square restaurant, Sherman Café, sold Toscanini’s ice cream when it opened 11 years ago but hadn’t done so in recent years. And Sherman—who once worked for Toscanini’s—had been wanting to sell

Child’s Play: Adult Night at LEGOLAND Discovery Center

“I want the disco ball to turn on!” I heard someone complain as we waited in line for the Merlin’s Apprentice ride at LEGOLAND Discovery Center. He shook the gate—only six people could ride at a time, and he was clearly impatient. “Guys, we should have gone to the Somerville Theater tonight,” he added. “They

Playing With Fire

“When you go back to class with no eyebrows, at least you’ll have a story to tell.” “Step one: make a fire ball. Step two: do all the tricks.” “It’s actually surprisingly hard to light things on fire.” “Challenge accepted.” Spending time with the Jumbo Jugglers is a bit of an onslaught on your senses. As dubstep plays from

A Generation Gap

In the spring of Katelyn Montalvo’s sophomore year, Tufts Provost and Senior Vice President David Harris spoke to Montalvo’s Tisch Scholar cohort. During his presentation, Montalvo discovered the two had something in common: they both identified as first-generation college students. Afterwards, Montalvo approached Harris, sharing her idea to host a panel of faculty, staff, and

Why Buzzfeed Isn’t Killing Journalism

In 2012, one particular news website broke the news that John McCain was about to endorse Mitt Romney; exclusively shared a newly-discovered 1981 video of Obama speaking at an anti-racist and feminist rally; and published the first in-depth profile of weightlifter Sarah Robles, who lives in poverty despite three national titles. If you didn’t read

Mack Talk

Every fall at Tufts brings new and exciting changes, among them building renovations, discussions about whether the newest class of freshman is the most attractive, and different flavors of frozen yogurt in Dewick. But this autumn in particular, the administration made a subtle but significant change. Instead of five associate deans to help students to