Credit: Bernita Ling

You Don’t Know Me, and You Can’t See Me

Brendan Eich, by all accounts, is a highly accomplished and brilliant individual. As an engineer for Netscape in 1995, Eich created JavaScript, a computer programming language that has been integral to the development of web applications and serves as the foundation of nearly all new age websites. JavaScript has become so important that it is

Frankenfood: Free Trade and the GMO Debate

President Barack Obama took a look around at the faces scattered across the House Chamber—an ambivalent congregation of allies and enemies—and made an intriguing proposition, not only to the members of Congress but also to his fellow leaders across the Atlantic. In his annual State of the Union address, outlining his second term as President,

Fighting the Frontier Mentality

On January 17, 2013, US President Barack Obama pledged, “I will put everything I’ve got into [gun control],” in response to public outcry following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Newtown, Connecticut. But this particular incident is just another debacle in a long line of public shootings—from Columbine and Virginia Tech to Tucson and