Dear Only Other Brown Person In The Room,

I wonder, have you noticed yet? Have you noticed your skin-color-bearing compatriot out of the corner of your eye? Because I have. I am, in fact, indisputably and acutely aware of your presence at the other end of the room. Your presence: it’s this huge, thundering, elephant in the version of this room that’s inside

Credit: Alison Graham

Tufts In Need

Undergraduate public health education is becoming a national trend. Will Tufts keep up? NOTE: This article is a slightly longer version of the one that appeared in the April 22, 2014 print issue. “Where are the professors going?” asked a Facebook event title that spread around the Tufts community two weeks ago. “No, but really,

Wars of Silence: The Escalation of the Drone War

By Kumar Ramanathan   They’re almost like something out of a science-fiction film. Slender, aerodynamic, and minimalist, they have a curious aesthetic appeal, like a massive metal hawk flying at a distance. Designed for endurance and stealth, the Predator drone is the United States military’s prime unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Their use in the “war

How Community is Quietly Revolutionizing the Television Sitcom

By Kumar Ramanathan   On March 15, nerds across the country and the world will breathe a collective sigh of relief. One of cult television’s favorite shows, Community, will return to the air after an indeterminate hiatus announced last fall. A show that has been critically lauded for its creativity and weirdness, Community has gained