Fiber: How Artists are Reframing Feminism

A kaleidoscope of colored rope and weaving drips off the wall at Industry Lab in Inman Square. The art piece, resembling a wall blanket, sags and bunches in places, showing the heaviness of the material. An intentional mess of wool, acrylic, and cotton, the art begs you to get closer. Cerulean surrounds lime that knits

Designer Degrees

As career opportunities change along with our rapidly transforming and increasingly interconnected world, some students have adjusted their undergraduate studies by designing their own major. Tufts offers students the opportunity to create their own major through an interdisciplinary studies (IS) program. This program allows students to opt out of the typical major and minor structure

Life Alive: Philosophy Over Profit

These days, it seems as though ultra-healthy and trendy eateries are popping up everywhere. Especially among the upper class, there has been a growing interest in foods labeled as “local,” “sustainable,” “vegan,” or “organic.” The food industry has responded, offering Earth-friendly meals often at less-than-wallet-friendly prices. But are these restaurants actually dedicated to the lifestyle

Round as a Melon

Bedding twisted, eyelids twisted shut. Emerge from emerald empire of dreaming into melancholy (mystical) melon ripened day, it is already late, it is already late. Lately, leaves have been hanging low and loitering around this place, gooping up gutters and sauntering around streetways, screaming , screaming! that everything has changed and died and decayed and