Embodied Relationships: Interviews About Queerness and Women’s Bodies

For queer women attracted to other women there is a duality between how and in what ways this body is supposed to be desired, and a confusion in how to map this desire onto one’s own body. Do you want to be the idealized body? Do you want to be with that body? Is there a difference? Are you simply desiring the same ideal for yourself and your partner?

Letter from the Editor

Earlier this year we had a conversation on the Observer about journalistic integrity. We were concerned about fact checking, making sure our articles had enough interviews, and differentiating between opinion and fact. The first iteration of this conversation lasted for many hours late into a Monday night when every member of our staff had something

Contested Spaces and the Rise of Greek Life

Alpha Gamma Delta is currently colonizing at Tufts. When a sorority or fraternity establishes a new chapter the process is officially called “colonization.” Representatives from the national organization establish a “colony” at the chosen school and try to entice new members. When the new members are initiated the colony becomes a chapter. “[Colonizing] is a

Discussing the American Dream: A Panel Podcast

When the Tufts Observer published the American Dream-themed issue, we as a publication acknowledged the nuances of the theme as a topic for discussion. We knew we could not and should not end the conversation with the magazine, and in recognition of our community’s diverse lived experiences, we wanted to explore the complexities that did not translate

Eating Too Clean

From the gluten-free craze to the paleo diet (which aims to mimic the diet of Paleolithic humans and cuts by cutting out carbohydrates, dairy, and sugars) to the obsession with farmer’s markets, Americans today talk about food very differently than they once did. There are innumerable websites and blogs dedicated to clean eating recipes and methods—showcasing the lives of