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Genius Or Hack? – The controversial Slavoj Žižek

In the eyes of some critics, Slavoj Žižek’s freewheeling iconoclasm makes him a dangerous cult leader. Noam Chomsky has called Žižek’s dialectical style “theoretical posturing which has no content.” The New Republic has called him “the most despicable philosopher in the West.” Yet these attacks on Žižek only seem to increase his influence; he is

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Media Madness

Eliminating the stigma surrounding mental illness is a daunting prospect, but if the media learns to portray mental illness accurately, it could help to end a persistent pattern of misunderstanding and prejudice that affects millions of mentally ill people. Despite its powers of dissemination, the media is still reinforcing ancient stereotypes. Television presents obsessive case studies

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Selling Citizenship

As the comprehensive immigration reform bill awaits an uncertain vote in the House, a little known immigration program is drawing the attention of American business owners, Chinese millionaires, Federal prosecutors, and the People’s Supreme Court of China. Visa brokers and Ponzi schemers have founded a new cottage industry around the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa Program—