Critical Hit: What Gamergate Reveals About Sexism In Gaming

Trigger warning: This article contains references to suicide, sexual assault, and gender based violence. They are a group who believe they have been persecuted, targeted, and oppressed by society. They assert that they value “artistic freedom and equal opportunities.” They believe they have found an ethical problem in their community and are lashing out against

Prejudiced Portrayals: How Western Media Misrepresents Iran

As Americans, there are a number of things we associate with Iran: fundamentalism, oppression, deception, irrationality, and brutality. America and Iran are fundamental opposites: they can never and will never get along. Or so they say. Since the 1979 Iranian Revolution, stereotypes have underscored the American understanding of Iran as a nation What this image

A Conversation With Julie Salamon

Authors in the literary world are often defined by their genre. Whether romance or science fiction or fantasy, authors tend to find a genre that they succeed in and stick to it. Julie Salamon is an exception; she follows no trend. Instead, throughout her writing career, she has found relatable themes to inspire her in her

Maker Movement: From Conception to Creation

Invention begins with an idea. Somebody is inspired to create something unique that is exactly what the world needs, whether that’s in the form of a virtual bear simulator, Amanda Palmer’s Theatre is Evil, or wireless smart headphones. Inspiration has struck, and now, because of the Maker Movement, the creator is able to bring their