Think Tank with a Soul

Business-professional attire required. Pantsuits preferred. Stoic faces, tiny notebooks with silver pens surround a table. Is that a complementary tray of pastries in the corner, provided for today’s meeting? How lovely. This might be the set-up of any other national think tank. Don’t be fooled, though; the Roosevelt Institute is nothing like your average DC

The Trials and Tribulations of Tufts’ Club Teams: Playing Footsie with the Athletic Department

Let me take you back to the pre-frosh years—the time when you toured college campuses, listened to various spiels about the academics and extracurriculars the university offers, all the time wondering, “Is this school for me?” I’m sure that one of the first things you heard was, “If we don’t have a club that you

Holy Silence

Over the past weeks, a furor has arisen over new revelations in the Catholic priest abuse scandal. According to reports, one Cardinal Ratzinger purposefully looked the other way on reports of sexual abuse, going so far as refusing to take any action against a Wisconsin priest who abused over 200 deaf boys and, in another

Psychobabble: Profit from Your Period

Men in relationships always complain about their girlfriends PMSing. And yes, there comes a time of the month when we are a little whinier, needier, and bitchier than usual. But what guys don’t know is that our PMSing is offset by a short window of time exactly between our periods, when we’re more receptive to sexual advances and more likely to initiate them ourselves.


When I first arrived at Tufts as a freshman, I felt more welcome than anywhere I had been before. Orientation introduced me to my new school and the place I would call home for the next four years. And then, at the candle-lighting ceremony something happened: the University Chaplain said “…and we thank our Creator

From New Deal to No Deal

In a recent New York Times/CBS poll, 75 percent of Americans disapprove of Congress’s job performance. This cynicism is not so much directed at a specific party, although each carries Hoover-like popularity, but rather at the overall Washington environment. Senator Evan Bayh’s recent retirement announcement only underlined the growing skepticism towards Congress’s behavior. In addressing