Bold Moves October

“Bold Moves October” *

A few weeks ago, I was lying down next to a dear friend. As we looked up at the beautiful, expansive night sky together, I began to ponder my existence and the insignificance of human life.

Actually, I was sitting on a twin-sized bed in my friend’s tiny dorm room. We were looking at those cheap plastic stars that people sometimes put on their ceilings. I think we were talking about how my socks were two different colors.

…So it was basically the same setting.

Anyways, the location of this story is not particularly important. What is important is what we were talking about (after we had finished that riveting conversation about my socks). My friend Jules… actually, let’s call her Agnes. My friend Agnes was giving me a pep talk. I had recently suffered some mild disappointments—a series of unfortunate events, if you will—and she was trying to cheer me up.

“Kate!” she said. Actually, let’s call me Josephine.

“Josephine!” she said, “You are an awesome person. You are cool and fun and you can do anything you put your mind to.”

“Agnes,” I said, “you are just too much.”

“I’m serious Josephine,” said Agnes. “If you want to do something you should just do it. It’s bold moves October, baby. So just be bold.”

I know what you’re thinking—what is “Bold Moves October,” Josephine? Well, that’s what I was thinking too.

So I asked, “Hey Agnes, what is this Bold Moves October you speak of?”

“Well Josephine,” said Agnes, “Bold Moves October is about being bold in the month of October.”

Being bold. In the month of October.

It was a completely brilliant concept.

After my conversation with Jules Agnes, I started to think back on my semester so far. I tried to think of instances where I had been bold, but there hadn’t really been that many. In many of my interactions with people this year, and in the choices I’d made, I hadn’t really been as upfront or as bold as I wanted to be. Why was that?

Frankly, I think came into this year still exhausted from the last one. Sophomore year was big. It was a huge year of self-discovery for me. I took some major leaps and began to come to terms with lots of important stuff like my friendships, my sexuality, and my place within the Tufts community at large.

I came into this year very set in who I was and what I liked, and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. In fact, it’s a very, very good thing. But, I think as a result of my tumultuous sophomore year, I became very comfortable with being comfortable. I wasn’t really intent on trying new things or meeting new people, because trying new things is really scary. I thought I’d had enough of that last year to last me through the rest of my college career, and I wanted to fill my junior year by doing things I knew I liked.

As a result of that mindset, however, I didn’t pursue a lot of stuff (like classes, relationships, and clubs) because they were new and unfamiliar. And I think that the first month or so of my junior year suffered because of that.

This month, thanks to my dear friend Agnes, I decided to change my attitude. I started to be bolder. I started doing new, creative projects that make me happy, and pursuing new friendships with people who I think are cool. I’m even looking into buying myself some new socks.

So I encourage all to join me in doing new, cool stuff that makes you happy (while at the same time reiterating that this is not an advice column and none of you have to do anything I say).

But honestly, what better month than this to start being bold? It’s the peak of fall! The leaves are changing! The air is crisp! With every gust of wind you can almost smell the stress because everyone’s freaking out so much about midterms!

Do you think someone is super cool and you want to talk to them, but you’re kind of scared because they’re really intimidating and pretty? Do it! It’s Bold Moves October!

Do you want to try out for a play, or do something new, but you’re nervous you won’t be good at it? Do it anyways! Bold Moves October!

It’s Bold Moves October, baby. A month of being upfront with yourselves and others, and taking action! Actually, it’s practically the end of October now….

…. but you’ve still got some time left! So go out into world and be bold, everybody!



* * Much appreciation to Becca Heisler for coming up with this wonderful phrase.

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