More than a Game: Sports in the aftermath of the election

I didn’t write the column that should’ve come out two weeks ago because after the election, writing about a nonrelated football item seemed trivial, and trying to connect it to football seemed crass. While I have written a column for this week, I also want to purposefully minimize it—I don’t want to assign to it

More Than A Game: What Makes Us Watch?

Odds are, living in the US, you’ve seen a National Football League (NFL) game on TV at some point. It’s almost an eventuality, given the NFL’s complete dominance of the airwaves—in 2015, NFL games accounted for 46 of the top 50 most-watched television programs, and all of the top 25. Of those 46 games, 19

More than a Game: Protest and Politics of the NFL

On Sunday, October 16, Colin Kaepernick started his first game of the season for the San Francisco 49ers. In a vacuum, there are a lot of interesting things going on here: he was a backup quarterback for a currently very bad team; he is being paid like a star player, due to a massive contract

More than a Game: The NFL’s Quarterback Problem, and Why It’s the League’s Own Fault

If you’ve spent some time this fall watching the National Football League, you’ve probably come to the conclusion, just by appearances alone, that the most important people in the NFL are quarterbacks. Congratulations: your eyes have not been deceiving you. They, more than any people on the field or sideline, are responsible for a greater