Thing of the Week: Graduation Anxiety

My last time leaving college for Thanksgiving break brought political tension in conversations with family, an examination of privilege with friends from high school, and unwanted discussions about my future with nearly everyone. As a senior, it’s overwhelmingly the case that you are asked, “So, given any thought to next year?” more often than not

Thing of the Week: Parents Weekend

Just as the leaves begin to change and Dewick starts offering mashed sweet potatoes and butternut squash more days than not, hundreds of our parents flock to campus. Regardless of the various ways in which they arrive, show love, or offer comfort, Parents Weekend offers an interesting case study. What is the significance of Parents

Shot-for-shot: A Conversation About Drinking Culture

I’ve been thinking a lot about beer lately. I recently became the Tufts Campus Ambassador for Narragansett beer. (If you’re 21 and have never tried Narragansett, come find me and I’ll buy you one.) Part of my job is not only to advertise Narragansett at Tufts, but also to discuss tasting notes and promote healthy

Thing of the Week: Ankles, The Tufts Hill, and Accessibility

A few weeks ago I sprained my ankle while wearing a pair of orange Crocs to a party. The days that followed were an inconvenience. It took me way longer than usual to hobble from my house on Boston Avenue to the Campus Center. Not only was I physically slowed down, but I spent time