Food Pantry Future:

How Students Have Mobilized to Address Food Access Concerns for the Tufts Community When Tufts students received the email announcing that classes would be online for the remainder of the semester, the community was thrown into a sea of unknowns. For some students, the announcement brought difficult questions like “Where will I live?” or “How

Living in the Shadow of Development: the Joyce Cummings Center’s Impact on the Medford Community

The Tufts Observer makes the following clarifications: The Observer did not claim that the Joyce Cummings Center began construction without permits, rather that the permits approved by the building commissioner were not appropriate for the new plans being used for. The neighbors’ petition was based on the inappropriate approval of the old permits for the

Creating Consensual Communities on Campus

Is Tufts doing enough?  Content warning: Mentions of sexual assault policy All new Tufts students are mandated to receive training on the University’s “sexual misconduct” policies through the Office of Equal Opportunity. However, no mandated trainings exist for student groups on campus. The only mandated trainings are enforced by external organizations, such as the National

Empty Promises: Administrative Action Towards an Equitable Campus Falls Flat

In 1996, multiple racist incidents targeted Asian-American students on campus. As a result, the Tufts Task Force on Race was charged with the goal of examining “the impact of race on the undergraduate community at Tufts.” The 1997 Task Force on Race was created by a mix of faculty, students, deans, and Group of Six

Confronting Hate

On September 17, 2019, students received an email in their inbox from Tufts President Anthony Monaco with the subject line “A message to the Tufts community.” The email reported that two days prior, a Jewish student had returned home to his dorm room and found “a swastika affixed to his door.” Monaco condemned the incident

Rejecting the Baseline: let’s not just accept that people have to deal with sexual harassment

Cw: Sexual assault, suicide Over the past several weeks, eight women have spoken out about their experiences with Delaware Senator and former Vice President Joe Biden. The potential 2020 presidential candidate has received criticism for overstepping boundaries and behaving inappropriately towards the people—particularly women—with whom he interacts as a politician. Lucy Flores, a former Nevada

Hidden Dissent: The Well-Concealed Histories Behind the Sackler Name

Professor Michael Malamy has been at Tufts long enough to remember when the medical school shared space with the old garment factories in Chinatown. He also remembers the first time the name of the Sackler School of Biomedical Sciences was challenged in April 1980. Now, over the past year, Tufts has come under scrutiny for

To Honor an Abuser: Why does Tufts put prestige over people?

CW: graphic sexual violence In early 2018, a young, rising political star of the Republican party became engulfed in scandal and chaos. 44 year-old first-term Missouri Governor Eric Greitens was accused of sexual assault and attempt at blackmail by a woman with whom he had previously admitted to having an affair. Later, he would also

“Just a Kid”: Questioning Selective Accountability in the Media

On January 18, online videos emerged of a teenage boy wearing a “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) hat and smirking at a Native American elder who was beating a drum on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. The initial clip was about a minute long and went viral within a matter of hours. A clear

New Narratives: In Response to Andrea Long Chu and how we talk about transitions

When I was 12, I thought I wa­s a girl. I soon decided I wasn’t. When I was 16, I met a non-binary person. When I was 18, I began to realize I was non-binary. On November 25, 2018, at 21 years old, I read Andrea Long Chu’s column in the New York Times. Her