Sweet Dreams: Gracie’s Brings Homemade Ice Cream Back To Somerville

Aaron Cohen never planned to own an ice cream shop. Less than a year ago, in April 2014, he didn’t. Ben Sherman’s eponymous Union Square restaurant, Sherman Café, sold Toscanini’s ice cream when it opened 11 years ago but hadn’t done so in recent years. And Sherman—who once worked for Toscanini’s—had been wanting to sell

Union In Transition

The walk from McGrath Highway into Union Square highlights the recent and ongoing changes in the area. Before reaching the center, bustling and bright with Christmas lights, you must pass an ominous, boarded-up funeral home and a partially bulldozed parking lot. You’ll also pass, along the way, a series of starkly different storefronts. Run-down convenience

Child’s Play: Adult Night at LEGOLAND Discovery Center

“I want the disco ball to turn on!” I heard someone complain as we waited in line for the Merlin’s Apprentice ride at LEGOLAND Discovery Center. He shook the gate—only six people could ride at a time, and he was clearly impatient. “Guys, we should have gone to the Somerville Theater tonight,” he added. “They

Life Alive: Philosophy Over Profit

These days, it seems as though ultra-healthy and trendy eateries are popping up everywhere. Especially among the upper class, there has been a growing interest in foods labeled as “local,” “sustainable,” “vegan,” or “organic.” The food industry has responded, offering Earth-friendly meals often at less-than-wallet-friendly prices. But are these restaurants actually dedicated to the lifestyle

The Food Industry’s Sprouting Trend

The Dandies line opened up and masses of children clustered around the booth, eagerly holding out their hands for an air-puffed vegan marshmallow. Their parents, mingling over shared plates of tapioca cheese and avocado popsicles, raised their voices over the excited clamor of the 19th annual Boston Vegetarian Food Festival (BVFF). “This is the craziest

Good Truckin’ Food

Every Tufts student has heard of Moe’s: the local food truck, run by the man himself, parked strategically between two fraternities. Once the clock strikes eleven, Moe’s night commences; he starts serving up dogs and burgers for masses of students stumbling towards his truck, all craving a late night bite. “I went to college where

History of the Hub: Davis Square T Station

The Davis T station is a space that many of us, as Tufts students, use frequently. However, its function as a transitory space also means we hardly pay attention to what’s in the station beyond the sign that tells us when the next train is coming. One day, while waiting for a friend to add

Fueled by Somerville

Diesel Café, understated yet vibrant, sits in the heart of Davis Square. A random passerby may never know that Diesel is more than a coffee shop: it’s a lifestyle. It is a café tailor-made for the Somerville community. The combination of its physical layout—high ceilings, vast spaces, and communal tables—along with its quirky and warm