One year since Tier Town: How Tufts student-activists silence survivors

Content warning: sexual violence, victim-blaming language Note: This is a follow-up to a Tufts Daily op-ed published in December 2019, which can be read at I’ve written before about my experiences with sexual violence in Tufts student-activism, focusing on how I was raped in Tier Town. But activists have done more harm than just

if you only use this bathroom to shit in private don’t use this bathroom

  Dear members of the Tufts community, About a month ago, we left a little note for you in the Campus Center gender-neutral bathroom. We know you saw it, but just for a little refresher, it said: “If you only use this bathroom to shit in private, don’t use this bathroom.” In response to this,

Log Kya Kahenge? What will people think?

There is a scene in Hasan Minhaj’s popular comedy special “Homecoming King,” in which he pauses to ask the audience the same question that every Indian parent has repeated incessantly: “Log kya kahenge?” It’s a timeless phrase that roughly translates to “what will people think?” and it’s usually accompanied by wide eyes and a disapproving