• F@!k Gender

    By Britt

    For the past year or so, I’ve been consistently journaling my thoughts about this campus, my body, and my beliefs. It just so happens that this time frame correlates with finding comfort in my non-binary identity. In this column, I will be sharing the ways that my place in the world around me has shifted, and how this has a affected my daily life—for better and for worse. Read the Column

  • Explorations & Explanations

    By Myisha Majumder

    Myisha Majumder has spent most of her life explaining the difference between Bangladesh and India, the fact that she pronounces “drawer” weirdly because she grew up in the Midwest, that her parents tried to get the nickname “Mishu” to stick (and failed), and that yes, she played rugby for one season. But those things are all important because they make up who she is—and this column is an exploration, sometimes without explanation, of her identity and how it impacts her day-to-day life. Read the Column

  • A Conversation With My Mom About _______

    By Riva Dhamala

    When I pick up the phone, the first thing I hear my mom say is, “How is…” and a list of things that I want to talk about begins generating in my head, but comes to a halt as I hear her end with “…school?” Our conversation topics feel like multiple choice answers to the question: “What can Rashmee and Riva talk about today?” A) school, B) food, C) random Uncle and Aunty drama. Every time I encounter the question, I yearn to have a fill-in option. But our relationship has both generational and cultural barriers that block us from communicating in the ways that I want. By writing this column—that I will tell her is for option A) school—I am hoping to come closer to that fill-in option. Read the Column


    Past Columns


  • The New Ned Ludd

    By Chris Dowd

    This mini-series will peek into a future Tufts community to explore the impacts of existential technologies on student life. Chris is a senior from San Francisco studying International Relations and Economics. He is fascinated by the evolution of American cities and women’s shoe design. Read the Column

  • Kate Hirsch the Famous Tennis Player

    By Kate Hirsch

    When Kate Hirsch was a first-year, she decided it would be a good idea to lie to everyone she met and tell people she was a famous tennis player. Later, she wrote a column about it and revealed to the world her true self—a queer, mediocre athlete who took tennis lessons a couple of times a week in eighth grade. This semester, she’s back, she’s definitely (not) better than ever, and she’s ready to take on the column world one piece at a time. Stay tuned for a story of love, loss, resistance, resilience, and finding your #trueself. It’s going to be a wild ride. Read the Column

  • Tiger Print Journal

    By Sasha Hulkower

    I’ve been journaling with diligent inconsistency since the 4th grade, when I wrote in my pink and gold tiger-print notebook, “Mommy said if I want to be a writer, I should start keeping a diary.” I then forgot to follow up with a second entry for roughly four months. I’d like to think that I’ve grown in the past decade, so over the course of this semester, I’ll be revisiting all of the partially-filled, tear-stained notebooks that chronicle the last ten years of my life as I think about the personal growth I’ve experienced, and continue to experience, every day. Read the Column

  • Wear & Tear

    By Georgia Oldham

    Each illustrated installment of “Wear & Tear” will be a little different. The column will dare to go deep inside the modern wardrobe and the daily trials and tribulations that come with it. Installments will feature stylin’ stories about everything, from the 8th-grade-formal dress you did bring to college, to your dad’s 1980s ski clothes (neon, of course) that you tried to wear to your 8:00 a.m. last week.
    Read the Column

  • sam

    Tuft Love

    By Sam Crozier

    Tuft Love will be an exploration of the ways in which college students—and Tufts students in particular—navigate the complex nature of modern love in all of its forms. From swiping right to having a serious “thing,” Sam will tackle the fluid, complicated, and often confusing nature of romance on college campuses. Read the Column

  • jamie

    More than a Game

    By Jamie Moore

    Jamie will be writing about the NFL outside the stadium—from social issues to contract disputes to the way the sport markets itself. Read the Column

  • max

    Thing of the Week

    By Max Makovetsky

    Max is a senior who’s interested in a lot of things. He tends to fixate on one topic at a time, his “thing of the week,” really intensely, until he moves onto the next. Lately he’s been thinking a lot about different spaces at tufts that make up Tufts as a whole. Join Max in conversation with other voices who share his enthusiasm, passion, interest, and intrigue for his thing of the week. Read the Column