Poetry & Prose

Five Three-Line Novellas

Bombarded amongst the crowd and photographers,
Duchess Antonia was captured shedding tears
leaving the premiere of “The Cloth Stuck in All His Lovers.”

A bomb interrupted the appetizer of Magistrate Lombardi’s lunch
on Saturday morning. The incident came two days
after his edict to impose taxes on bread.

Signior Ricci found Signora Ricci in bed with her lover.
Signora Ricci’s lover found a Remington 700 rifle in his face.
The landlord found a new hole in the apartment’s wall. Love.

Unrest: After two days of protests the Fienza Polizia Prefect
gave this address to his people, “Judge Innocenti has
ruled, there will be no changes to the working hours.”

Last Monday, Signior Rinaldi of Firenze hanged himself.
Some say bankrupt, some say otherwise. The first responders
found him when following the report of a stolen rope.

Homage to Félix Fénéon