Letter from the Creative Directors

As we depart from our editorial rollercoaster, we can’t help but marvel at the chaos we’ve collectively orchestrated. From 3 a.m. delirium to printed matter, it’s been a ride—both unpredictable and oddly poetic.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who has dedicated their time to making art and writing for the O,  especially our team of lovely designers. Your eyes and idiosyncrasies have made this magazine what it is—a reflection of the beautifully messy mosaic of our community.

As we disband from this season of restless nights and dawns, let’s carry with us not just memories of deadlines and patience, but the unique spirit that made the Tufts Observer more than just a student publication. Here’s to many more pages of student creativity.

Peace & love,

Hami & Anastasia