Letter from the Editor

When a certain man who shall not be named—I’m not trying to get into a legal battle—threatened to sue the Tufts Daily, many of us, myself included, thought: Oh my god, its just a student newspaper, this is ridiculous. And the lawsuit is ridiculous—it’s ungrounded and will not stand trial. But there is something in my initial reaction that I want to challenge (completely unrelated to A Former White House Communications Director.) When we say it is “just student journalism” we are delegitimizing the very real and hard work that goes into everything student journalists do. I am immensely proud of the work we produced this semester, work that I think is no less legitimate, nuanced, and detailed than “professional” journalism. Often, I think we do an even better job than the “real” journalists. This semester I’ve seen our team produce amazingly thoughtful and critical work—stuff that doesn’t deserve to be prefaced with a “just.” I say this not to toot my own horn, but rather, to thank the Observer team, who spent way too many hours in MAB Lab (and now the “re-envisioned” Curtis Hall Multipurpose Room—RIP Brown & Brew), who worked tirelessly to be thorough and intentional, and taught me lessons about everything from grammar to Britney Spears’ career from start to finish. Thank you for trusting the managing board, and thank you for your time, your reporting, your designs, your art, your videos, your podcasts, and your words. I am, as the kids say these days, extremely emo that it is my last issue as Editor-in-Chief.

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