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LOLZ at the Wilbur Theatre

Just a couple blocks south of the Park Street T stop lies the historic Wilbur Theatre. Built in 1913, it serves the city as the prime venue for the nation’s top comedy acts. Here’s the rundown of this season’s top performances.

October 28

Margaret Cho


Margaret Cho encompasses so many demographics. Other comics might find it hard to cover so many opinions and personalities, but it works for Cho. Her act ranges from political jabs to ethnically charged monologues to X-rated LGBT humor. Cho’s new tour, Cho Dependent, will probably hit all those targets and more. Boston, get ready for some Cali sass.

Jim Davidson

October 22



In the first sentence of this guy’s Wikipedia biography, it says Gallagher is “most popularly known for smashing watermelons as part of his act.” Delicious.

October 27

Demetri Martin


If you watch The Daily Show like every other liberal-minded American, you may have seen Demetri Martin on the show’s recurring segment “Trendspotting.” Besides his work on The Daily Show, Martin is also known for his Comedy Central sketch-variety show, Important Things with Demetri Martin. It’s like the Drew Carey show, but for cool people!

November 6

Kevin Hart


This guy has been in Epic Movie AND Extreme Movie. So he’s funny x 2.

December 12

Joan Rivers


Lately, the comedic legend, Joan Rivers, has been bobbing around the entertainment circuit, riding the wave of Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work. The summer’s funniest documentary painted a picture of Joan audiences hadn’t seen before. She was filmed as a victim of compulsive plastic surgery and a vulnerable picture of disparity, but above all, a flat-out riot. Rumor has it, her show in December will be too.

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