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Manifesting Narcissus

—After Borges and Shakespeare

I watered my own soul but I

Watered yours too because who 

Doesn’t want more pale amber 

Bursting and seeping but the August 

Rain soaked us both saturated our

Xylems we were ripe enough to eat fleshy

Fleeting beauty and vases full with

Every goodbye I lean

Into that magnetic winter wind gentle

As your fingers when brushing away

My curled hair my shriveled petals splayed

I never thought we would need

To declare what love our

Love looked like I am

Photosynthesizing in the early

Spring heat stomata agape extending

Into your nooks melting into your roots I

Settle in find your grooves mark

My spot on your neurons your

Pulsing gray matter I am

Sitting steely faced on

Your bed you droop like thirsty shoots I

Let tears dance down my

Cheeks they work through 

The air the way my words

Won’t the way we liked to and

Instead I shake with reproach-dipped

Moonlight eyes I miss

The sun like barely hatched

Bluebirds futures have a way of falling

Down mid flight that is

It that is our proclamation

All our absorbance all those

Studies all our meticulous

Scrawls about nodes phloem

Respiration oxygen put to an attempt at use.