lit issue 2020


How have you been feeling? Been

exercising? Staying healthy?

She asks

On Monday I ate

a MetroCard for breakfast

I say

I found it facedown

grounded into the asphalt

slid it down my throat

in a 7/11 bathroom stall

where a dime was caught


the cracked

blue tiles

You’ve been sleeping okay?

She asks

I stacked 4 pregnancy tests

a piña colada slurpee

a postcard of a goose

on the metal counter

and ate the dime too

I felt heavy


In the waiting room half

way through a magazine

a two page spread

“What to do with perennials in the snow”

which I tore out and kept

What do u need that for anyways?

A man asks

It’s almost April

He says

I know

I say

I know for sure


It’s finished now. Do you feel okay?

She asks

My name is Patty

She says

Isn’t the weather awful this week?

She asks

But it should clear up soon

She says

I know

I say

I know