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Police Blotter

Other | February 16, 2015

Sherlock Stoned

Thursday, January 15th, 9:34pm

Officers arrived at Tilton Hall in response to a report of the smell of marijuana. They quickly located the room from which the smell emanated. The officers questioned the resident, who said that he smoked outside, claiming that the smell “must have drifted up to the window.” However, the officers saw that there was a fan blowing out of that very same window. Now we’re no Sherlock Holmes, but there’s pretty much only one reason to turn on a fan in January…


Mama’s Boy

Sunday, February 1st, 2:29am

Officers responded to a call about two intoxicated individuals in a residence hall. One of them signed a refusal, but the other had more pressing concerns. Officers questioned him about how much he had to drink and whether he could walk in a straight line, but to each question our friend could only respond, “Please don’t tell my mother.” “We don’t tell your mother,” Sgt. McCarthy wanted Tufts to know. “The dean does.”


Blizzard Anarchy

Monday, February 2nd, 10:45pm

An RA on duty in Wren Hall called TUPD on Monday night. She explained that she had heard some loud voices near the vending machines, but didn’t think anything of it until she found that the machine’s door was open and everything in it was gone. After three snow days, it’s snow wonder that all the stoned kids holed up in Wren had to take drastic measures.