Poetry & Prose

Raven Song

Art by CJ Daly

As I bike under the shades
Of trees growing wildly into each other
In the shape of tangled fingers I hear
From above a tune so overbearing
Waltzing back and forth between ravens
Like black holes draining light from the sky

Some frantically gliding, others perched with poise
They sing into the world a song
So often taken as an omen and sure enough
It plants within me a darkness that echos
Between heart chambers and veins
‘Til a blind fear engulfs from above
And my destination fades forgotten

So I spend the afternoon otherwise silent
Riding my bike in circular motions
Through downhill slopes and fallen leaves
I twirl through winds and dampened dirt
Trying too to find me a song
To hold my spine through dark and light
To swirl and flow and never cease