Poetry & Prose

right… what’s all this then?

in dreams:

I love

the giant man

the unbrushed hair

a porch somewhere


a long porch and

one large pink-ish purple morph



in the morning:

You ask me: what’s one thing you look forward to: here

You say: I live in your telephone lines so I’ll hear when you say it

You say: type words that nobody understands except for anyone who matters

and You say: you never let yourself sleep, although I wish you would


in dreams:

I eat shrimp out of the sink and raspberries

off the fingers of the

creatures lapping up onto your dock or porch

everyone sips dried yogurt with the healthiest olive oil in the world


You would say: sounds decadent  

ever let yourself sleep?

(still I wish you would)


in the mornings:

I’ve been trying to figure out google earth

and You’ve been reminding me to ask

hey, where are you?


I’ve been reminding you

[we need to make those cup phones

and connect to our house and say…]

don’t forget about this when I’m awake I want to tell you


[In the ‘90s there was a giant man that was two people stacked on each other’s shoulders and they threw butterscotch at the crowd and everyone really thought it was a giant man]

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