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Somewhere you and I

The you being

Peace and the I my thoughts

Love one another and out in front

Over and beyond the ledge I sit

Is a bubbling brook

Whose colors change as it extends towards the sun.

Little waves and motions of the earth

Speak through the water’s edge

That rest and retreat

On rocks

Must look like cliffs

To the mica

That the water trains to carry

Surrounded by crisp

Untouched air

There is quiet everywhere I look

And I can hear 

Osprey wings flap

I am seated

In the earth

Insects inhabit it with me

And that feels okay

When I lie back

The dirt consumes me

And the only thing that is scary

Is the shadow of the trees

But starlight exposes them to me

Nothing tries to spiral through my brain

When I am alone

Waiting for me

Outside of it all

Is a love

Who thinks of me

And misses holding me

But there is only this earth

I don’t know what I’ve looked like

For days

And I am not bored

This small somewhere

Feels like everywhere

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