The Environmental Mileage Of Boston’s Food Trucks

Welcome to Fruitlands, a Harvard community of “spiritually elite” vegans who eschew chemicals, artificial ingredients, and excess clothing. They dole out their wares on wooden, mobile carts, limiting production to maintain an independent spirit while preserving the environment and growing their little community. This might sound like a utopian version of the food truck-happy Cambridge

Tufts Podcast Network: Ian MacLellan, Photojournalist

Ian MacLellan took his first photograph on a backpacking trip in the 6th grade. Back then, he never expected he’d be a professional photographer. But from the time MacLellan interned in Kenya while he was at Tufts, the geology major has been in search of stories to photograph. His work has appeared in Travel &

Discussing the American Dream: A Panel Podcast

When the Tufts Observer published the American Dream-themed issue, we as a publication acknowledged the nuances of the theme as a topic for discussion. We knew we could not and should not end the conversation with the magazine, and in recognition of our community’s diverse lived experiences, we wanted to explore the complexities that did not translate

Tufts Podcast Network: A Storyteller’s Tale

Since graduating from Tufts in 2005, Noah Rosenberg has been chasing untold stories, whether in South Africa during the World Cup for GQ or around NYC as a New York Times freelancer. But now, he runs Narratively, a platform for multimedia journalism that has racked up fans and accolades since its launch in 2012. In

Tufts Podcast Network: Matt Bai & “All The Truth Is Out”

On November 6, political journalist Matt Bai (A’90) spoke to an audience of students, faculty, and other community members in the Alumnae Lounge. This was the second of four presentations this semester in the Tisch College Distinguished Speaker series, which also hosted Elizabeth Warren in October and will bring Mayor Marty Walsh to campus in December.

A Conversation With Julie Salamon

Authors in the literary world are often defined by their genre. Whether romance or science fiction or fantasy, authors tend to find a genre that they succeed in and stick to it. Julie Salamon is an exception; she follows no trend. Instead, throughout her writing career, she has found relatable themes to inspire her in her

Tufts Podcast Network: Divestment Roundtable

Last week, Tufts Podcast Network founder and executive producer Cooper McKim and producer Raimy Shin sat down with various campus experts and actors to discuss how the concept of divestment from fossil fuels has changed, both on and off-campus, over the past few years. Listen to insights from Economics Professor Ujjayant Chakravorty, Biology Professor and

Tufts Podcast Network: Transitions Story Slam

On September 23, Tufts Podcast Network hosted its first story slam of the semester, centered around the theme of transitions. Executive producer Cooper McKim admitted that the theme was broad, but we liked that each of the nine storytellers interpreted the theme differently through their story. Listen to our favorite stories below, or all nine