Off the Grid: Disconnected in America

Broadband access for a Tufts student has become an assumed service of the university—akin to heated classrooms, running water, and Spring Fling. The “Tufts Memes for Quirky Queens” page had a bashful laugh when a slight alteration to Pavlov’s Hierarchy of Needs added the new foundation of Wi-Fi. Understandably, web access has become a critical

When School Turns Into a Competition

8/12/07: I can’t wait to go back to school!  Middle school already?  I can’t wait to see all my friends!   I recently stumbled across this exclamation towards the back of my pink and gold tiger print journal.  This section lay buried between sentence after sentence of non-sequiturs before the entry ended mid-word as I

More than a Game: Sports in the aftermath of the election

I didn’t write the column that should’ve come out two weeks ago because after the election, writing about a nonrelated football item seemed trivial, and trying to connect it to football seemed crass. While I have written a column for this week, I also want to purposefully minimize it—I don’t want to assign to it