An Iranian Identity: A Tufts Student Reflects on Being Iranian-American

Growing up an Iranian American was, originally, not all that momentous. When I was a young child, it simply meant that no one would ever be able to pronounce my last name. Of my parents, only my father is Iranian. He never successfully taught me any Farsi, and, growing up in New Hampshire, I certainly

Tufts Y U NO Make Memes?!

By Evan Tarantino   Despite its terrifying ability to render us helplessly socially exposed, the Internet is a fluid breeding ground for monumentality. Welcoming both the optimistically serious and the confidently inane, it has thrown the idea of cultural limitation to the dogs. Expression, creativity, and communication know no bounds and are thus able to

The (New) Age of Disillusionment

At some point, everyone experiences that disappointing, moment when, for the first time, admired leaders let their veil of morality and wisdom slip, revealing their imperfections. This person might be a beloved teacher, an older sibling, a politician, a university administrator, or even the head coach of a football dynasty. For me, growing up Catholic