The Environmental Mileage Of Boston’s Food Trucks

Welcome to Fruitlands, a Harvard community of “spiritually elite” vegans who eschew chemicals, artificial ingredients, and excess clothing. They dole out their wares on wooden, mobile carts, limiting production to maintain an independent spirit while preserving the environment and growing their little community. This might sound like a utopian version of the food truck-happy Cambridge

Unpacking Transphobia in TRUNK

It’s taken me many months to even begin processing the transphobia I’ve faced the last two semesters since coming out as non-binary. I’m scared of hurting the people who’ve hurt me, scared of making them look bad, scared of tarnishing their reputations, terrified of being further scapegoated, hated, and damaged. But I’ve tried reaching out

The Language of Safe Spaces

On August 24, University of Chicago administrators penned a letter to incoming freshmen inveighing against “intellectual ‘safe spaces’” and re-affirming the university’s “commitment to freedom of inquiry and expression” as one of UChicago’s “defining characteristics.” The UChicago letter spread widely in the media, but is hardly the first time ‘safe spaces’ and trigger warnings have

A Businessman’s Guide to the Galaxy

On September 1, photos of the fireball that was once SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket splashed across the front pages of newspapers across the nation. For the first time in recent years, the public’s attention was turned toward outer space, and this time, NASA was not the center of attention. Instead, the public eye turned toward

Major Sprawl

“Lots of things come together to create a sense of camaraderie,” said senior Cecily Lo. A computer science major, Lo explained that within her major, many factors align to foster a sense of community. Despite having mixed thoughts on the computer science community at Tufts, Lo affirms that there is undeniably a central hub for