What’s There to See? : Questioning Police Presence on Campus

When you see the police, what flashes through your mind? Do you see their uniforms, badges, cruisers, and guns as tools to uphold your security? Does their presence give you a feeling of safety, as though they can ward off danger?   When I see the police, news clips flash through my mind, and I’m

DACA Discontinued: Impacts on Our Students and Communities

President Obama’s decision to begin the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program was monumental; after more than 15 years of debate, young, undocumented immigrants finally had a program that could temporarily halt their fears of deportation. President Trump’s decision to repeal DACA was—perhaps catastrophically—just as monumental. He recently reversed his position after meeting with Chuck

*Warning: this product contains tree and other varieties of nuts

The thick slab of window muffles the outside sounds. In the back, the kitchen produces an orchestra of clanking equipment set to life by rushing commands, and in the front of the coffee house, sundry voices mix with deepening essences of toasting butter and brewing coffee beans that seep out from the kitchen. But these

Moving Beyond Capitalism: Assessing the Lack of Intellectual Diversity in Tufts’ Economics Department

In recent months, we’ve seen professors at universities like Tufts step up to speak about and organize around threats to the safety of marginalized students by the Trump administration. In the weeks after, professors organized a teach-in connecting various struggles against systems of oppression, and since then, many departments have brought speakers to campuses to

When the Water Clears: Students and the Aftermath of Natural Disasters

“Harvey didn’t discriminate, but [as] with most tragedies in America, people of color and the poor were hit the hardest,” John Peavy reflected. Peavy, a Black Tufts senior from Houston, Texas, returned to campus just days after leaving his family, friends, and neighbors still grappling with the aftermath of Category 4 Hurricane Harvey.   “Fortunately