Open Heart, Approach With Caution

“Mixed babies are so cute.” I have heard this weird comment many a time in my life, sometimes made by White people, but most of the time by my fellow South Asian peers. There’s an obsession in our community with being fair-skinned, and when you have a child with someone who is White, you’re more

A Conversation with My Mom About Desire

The familiar ringing of an outgoing FaceTime call travels through the room. The vibrations of its sound waves are felt strongest near my heart, but maybe I’m just nervous. The ringing stops and my screen explodes with my mother’s face—she really needs to learn that she doesn’t have to be an inch away from the camera

Whole Wheat Girl in a White Bread World

In my grandparents’ house, a statue of Ganesh, one of the many deities in Hinduism, sits proudly on the mantle. Its bronze coloring echoes the pillows and other decorations in the house, invoking the spirit of their Indian culture, a myriad of bright colors and elaborate designs. My grandparents speak to each other in Hindi,

The Breakthrough: How Women of Color are Transforming Boston and Cambridge Politics

On September 26, Boston voters sent a clear and powerful message to the city’s political establishment: change is coming. Primaries in city council districts saw two women of color advance to Election Day—a marked shift from almost a decade ago—when no woman of color had ever sat on the council. In District 1, which is

Stitched Back Together

Content warning: sexual assault, sexual violence The Monument Quilt is a traveling and fluid work of art by survivors of sexual assault and sexual violence, many of whom would not consider themselves artists. As the project grows, so does the quilt. Red squares of fabric, some featuring long paragraphs or small drawings, others with simply

“We Just Want to Pee:” The Fight for All-Gender Bathrooms on Campus

CW: transphobia  In 2016, the Campus Pride Index named Tufts a “Top 30 School For LGBT Students.” Their criteria include resources like an LGBT Center, counseling for LGBT students, and policy inclusion. What it doesn’t include is access to and availability of all-gender bathrooms. Had their rankings included this, Tufts’ five-out-of-five-star score might have been