The Most Important 2020 Decision No One is Talking About

The 2020 Presidential Election lies over a year away, but already, Americans have a growing list of potential Democratic options to choose from. Re-energized Democrats are determined to defeat President Trump, but many, including myself, are struggling to pick their candidate.  All the contenders appear to be supporting variations of a similar, fairly progressive platform.

Honest Money: How a Powerful Non-Profit Aims to Promote Transparency

Note: Leviss worked for the Foundation Center Summer 2018.  For those of us not frantically scanning the Chronicle of Philanthropy every morning, the creation of Candid might not seem like a big deal. Candid is the product of many years of collaboration and deliberation between non-profit industry giants Foundation Center and GuideStar. Foundation Center was

Enduring Disagreement: Defining Anti-Semitism in the Modern World

CW: Racial violence On the afternoon of Tuesday, February 12, Tufts students received a community message from President Monaco describing some “profoundly disturbing and hurtful” posters discovered on the exterior of the Granoff Family Hillel Center. The message announced plans to investigate the situation and expressed support for all members of the Jewish community. Many

A Deadly Exchange: The Implications and Effects of American-Israeli Police Relations

CW: Racial violence, police brutality   In December 2017, Kevin Maguire, Tufts’ Director of Public and Environmental Safety, attended a National Counter-Terrorism Seminar (NCTS) in Israel. According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the organization that funds these trips, more than 175 high-ranking American law enforcement officers have attended these trips, which consist of an “intensive

The Race for Space: Chinatown’s Fight for Low-Income Housing

Outside the brick row houses on Tyler Street in Boston’s Chinatown, a crowd of forty gathered to support YenChi Chen an hour before his court appearance on Valentine’s Day morning. Chen owns A Salon, where he has been cutting hair in Chinatown for seven years. His landlord has been renting out the old row houses’

Oscars Predictions… Did We Win?

The last few Academy Awards have been hectic and replete with controversy. The 2018 Oscars saw their lowest ratings in 44 years, while movements such as #MeToo and #OscarsSoWhite exposed an unconscionable history of assault, sexism, and racism in the film industry. Now, in 2019, for the first time in 30 years, the show will