Living in the Shadow of Development: the Joyce Cummings Center’s Impact on the Medford Community

The Tufts Observer makes the following clarifications: The Observer did not claim that the Joyce Cummings Center began construction without permits, rather that the permits approved by the building commissioner were not appropriate for the new plans being used for. The neighbors’ petition was based on the inappropriate approval of the old permits for the

Give Me a Break… I’m Really Sincere

Gladioli cut curbside crop lines Compulsion, revulsion, grassy submission Plucking familiarity in silence, stalks of pink Ivy sprig of white tendrils: anxious to please  Maiden chasms,  I swear I saw a salmon  Resentment, anger, your presence soothes me Egotism, formality, stay as sweet as you are Deception, gracious lady, will you dance with me? Amongst

Cancel Culture

In our modern, technologically-advanced, social media-obsessed society, we are surrounded by hashtags, trends, and Twitter moments telling us who we are supposed to support and who is being canceled. Cancel culture involves people—usually on social media—determining that someone has committed problematic actions, holding them accountable by bringing attention to their actions and revoking all support

We’re Self-Centered: Coronavirus and Conceiving Asian America

Author’s Note: Asian America is not a monolith. In this article, I speak from my experiences as an Asian American and my conversations with others around me. When I write “Asian American” in this piece, I am focusing on Asian Americans who are, visually or otherwise, coded as Chinese Americans. *** My mom was born