Term and Conditions: Personal Privacy In The Age of Big Data

Every time we make use of the free and infinite knowledge offered by the Internet, our digital footprint is aggregated in a distant cloud somewhere to be either monetized as valuable information for corporations or studied to garner a deeper understanding of our social world. Every time we download a new app, we press “I

living the seventh day

here: living in the heart of silence like windless wastelands we were eyeless now infinitely I-less enisled inside the interstices annihilating the immense singularity we were here: living the seventh day restless and fighting the slow erosion of moon-boned cheeks wet from swallowing back the black beneath comprehending the consequence of its own dissolution the

Technosexual: Identity in the Age of Dating Apps

There are no apps in the virtual world more widely ridiculed than dating apps Tinder and Grindr; more often than not, they are treated as romantic taboos and sexual dead ends, constantly abused in Yaks, tweets, and Tumblr posts mocking those brave enough to put out on the mobile market. The anthem of Tinder and