Hope in the Face of Terror

Norway is an exceedingly quiet place. During the few weeks I spent there this summer, I found its peacefulness and pervasive solitude remarkable. People I met constantly spoke of the insularity of their fellow Norwegians. While it is as volatile politically as the next multi-party democracy, relative calm extends even to political discourse. The Norwegians

The Vintage Advantage

By Ellen Mayer   To many, vintage shopping sounds like a daunting activity—a commitment of time and energy. It sounds like you’ll be faced with cluttered clothing racks, gratuitous tulle, outdated sizing, and judgmental hipster shop clerks, and like it might be easier to peruse the Urban Outfitters bargain basement instead. Here are four local

Imagining the Future of Public Art

The occupy movement has ushered in a new understanding of “the public.”An essential aspect of Occupy movement’s platform is the envisioning of a different kind of culture – one with engaged citizens and a renewed collective ideology. Part of that is the creation of public art and architecture that is community-oriented, accessible, beautiful and imaginative.

Eat Your Jack-O-Lantern

Last year on Christmas Eve, a fascinating op-ed from an unlikely source appeared in The New York Times. Chef Rene Redzepi, of the high-profile Copenhagen restaurant Noma, called for Americans to think twice before throwing out their Christmas trees on December 26. “Evergreen, Ever Delicious” was the headline. Redzepi is known for his extreme adherence


The Museum of Science is not the most serious place in the world. It’s an interactive museum, noticeably geared towards kids and families, with plenty of things to “play” with in each exhibit. The most recent addition to the museum, however, is decidedly somber. Since the Pompeii exhibit left Pompeii, visitors have flocked to museums worldwide to see the famed body casts and the remains of an early-documented society. What makes the Pompeii exhibit so interesting, I think, is not the age of the artifacts (very old), or how tragic the story is. There are accounts of earlier civilizations in writing and art, and terrible things have happened to groups of people in history before and since Pompeii.

Private Eyes, They’re Watching You.

Last semester, when Tufts junior Ben Weitzman logged onto to Facebook chat to message a friend, he was surprised to see a long-forgotten conversation from the previous school year appear on the screen. “I realized that they were storing every single thing I’ve ever said in chat,” the computer science major said. “This was unnerving

My Mother, the Herald of Destruction

By Christopher Blackett   Paul looked out the side window of the cockpit of his Boeing B-29 Superfortress bomber.  Below was the vast expanse of ocean.  Clouds drifted below his plane, and he felt an indescribable excitement.  A whole world was opening up underneath his bomber.  Paul was religious—his mother Enola had brought him up