A Generation Gap

In the spring of Katelyn Montalvo’s sophomore year, Tufts Provost and Senior Vice President David Harris spoke to Montalvo’s Tisch Scholar cohort. During his presentation, Montalvo discovered the two had something in common: they both identified as first-generation college students. Afterwards, Montalvo approached Harris, sharing her idea to host a panel of faculty, staff, and

Realizing the American Dream Abroad

My grandparents live in Venetian Isles, a gated Floridian retirement community eerily similar to Seinfeld’s “Del Boca Vista,” where everyone has a Spanish-style home with terracotta roof tiles, a manicured lawn, and access to a multitude of amenities. Financially stable, surrounded by friends, well-traveled, and always tan—my grandparents are living the American Dream. But they

Salvation in the Land of Opportunity

Republicans and Democrats running for midterm elections have different ideas about the extent to which class mobility is possible in contemporary America. However, their frequent references to the American Dream suggests that candidates of both parties essentially retain the belief that hard work guarantees prosperity regardless of one’s class. In fact, mention of the American

Uber Convenience

You know something has achieved phenom-status when it inadvertently becomes its own verb. “We Uber-ed here” has slipped into today’s dialect, eclipsing the now-cumbersome antiquity of “we took a cab.” In fact, the dawn of the age of “convenience apps” has completely renovated the modern linguistic palate; with technology’s daily introduction of the next ultra-efficient